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After-School Enrichments

Engineering for Kids

Huda School is collaborating with Oakland County to bring an Engineering for Kids program to Huda School. Engineering For Kids® brings the wonder and excitement of STEM education (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) to children ages 5-14 through a variety of hands-on learning experiences. They help children build solid problem solving skills while encouraging them to discover how things work. 

Junior Mechanical Engineering: Let's Make Toys

(K-2nd grade)

The Junior Mechanical Engineering: Let's Make Toys program introduces our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of energy, materials, and movement.  Students explore and construct different toys throughout this unit, including spinners, magical boomerang cans, wind-up whirligigs, and more.

Junior Robotics: Amazing Mechanisms

(K-2nd Grade)

This program is a perfect mixture of fun and learning, using LEGO® WeDo™ Robots.  Using LEGO® bricks, students build a dancing bird, a smart spinner, and a drumming monkey.  They also learn how to program and operate their creations using a laptop computer. 

Junior Mechanical Engineering: Widgets and Gadgets

(K-2nd Grade)

The Junior Mechanical Engineering program introduces our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of energy, materials, and movement. Through open and focused exploration, students explore and construct their own roller coasters, catapults, cars, and more. 

Junior Aerospace Engineering: Taking to the Skies

(K-2nd Grade)

Robotics 101

(3rd-8th Grade)

During the Robotics 101 program, students will learn the basics of designing, programming, and controlling a fully functional robot. Using LEGO® MINDSTORMS®, mathematical concepts, and engineering principles students will brainstorm, plan, test, and modify sequences of instructions to accomplish a given task. Students will also learn the sequence of communication between the robot, and the programmer by collecting and analyzing data using the robot's sensors.

Electronic Game Design: Racing Games - Hydrocrafts

(3rd-8th Grade)​

Prepare for some fast splashing fun as we use the Engineering Design Process to design and create our very own racing game to race our personally designed hydrocrafts! We will create a storyboard to identify and capture the rules of play and characters for our game, and then use Clickteam Fusion to bring our storyboard to life with programming. At the end of the unit, everyone takes home a working Windows-compatible game (Clickteam Fusion 2.5 does not support Mac or Android operating systems).

Robotics: Robo Battles

(3rd-8th Grade)

During the LEGO Robo Battles program, students create, program, and control robots designed to perform challenges such as the SumoBots Challenge, Jousting Challenge, and the Catapult Challenge. Students use LEGO Robotics and computers to learn principles of robotics, computer programming, and teamwork. 

Mental Math

Huda School is collaborating with UCMAS to bring a Mental Math program as an after-school enrichment activity to Huda School. This program promotes whole brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain using an innovative mental math program that utilizes the Abacus as a teaching tool. By learning to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately, students aged 4-13 expand their mental capacity and develop skills such as multitasking, time management, memory, concentration and problem solving. It also leads to greater student proficiency and confidence in mathematics. 

Huda School & Montessori is pleased to announce its first year participating in Science Olympiad. Students on the Huda School Science Olympiad Team will learn and study the 16 events that will be held at the Wayne-Oakland Elementary Science Olympiad on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at Schoolcraft College in Livonia. The sixteen events are closely aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. As a team member, your child will use the engineering design process, problem solve, research, study, and HAVE FUN!


We are accepting the first 18 4th – 6th grade student permission slips to be on the Huda School Science Olympiad Team. Gradually, students will learn their strengths and specialize in a few events. Then 16 students that have shown aptitude throughout our practice sessions will enter the WOSO competition and compete in the events for which they qualify – two students will be alternates. Each event requires a one-three person team. Some students will be in more than one event. Please remember – All students are part of the team. Each individual will have played some role in helping our 16 finalists enter the county competition. There is no registration fee, but small fees may be incurred for team t-shirts and/or field trips.


The sixteen events are and can be viewed at the following link:


  1. A is for Anatomy

  2. Amazing Arthropods

  3. Bridging the Gap

  4. Charged Up

  5. Crash Car Eggspert

  6. Crime Busters

  7. Grasp-A-Graph

  8. Precision Ping Pong Propulsion

  9. Reflection Relay

  10. Rock Hound

  11. Simple Machines

  12. Starry, Starry Night

  13. Water Rockets

  14. Weather or Not

  15. Wildfire Safari

  16. Zowie Estimation


We need parent volunteers to act as “coaches” for several of these events. Please let us know if any of these events. Please let us know if any of the topics interest you. You do not have to be an expert. You, too, can learn these events and help the children prepare for the competition.


 Students that make the final 16 are expected to attend the competition at Schoolcraft College on Saturday, June 3, 2016. If anyone cannot attend, an alternate will be chosen from the rest of the team. We also encourage the entire team to come and support and cheer on their teammates at the county competition. You can only miss 2 practices. 


Huda School is collaborating with AccelerateKID to bring a Computer Programming/Coding program as an after-school enrichment activity to Huda School. Coding 101 Scratch Jr introduces kids grades 3-8 to computer programming using M.I.T.'s Scratch visual programming language. Scratch is a color coded, drag and drop, block event-based system that even college kids are using to learn computer science. Students will learn the basic concepts behind computer programming, variables, loops, if-then commands and much more. Students will create and customize popular video games such as Flappy Bird and Temple Run to understand the logic behind programming. AccelerateKID operates programs throughout Detroit Metro area, including Detroit Country Day and Roeper.


Capacity is limited to 15 students each class. Classes will fill up fast - please register to reserve a spot.

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