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A Message from the Huda School Board of Trustees

Assalam-o-Alaikum. The Huda School Board of Trustees is proud of Huda’s reputation of academic excellence and strong Islamic principles. We are fortunate to have a dynamic administrative leadership with experience and fresh ideas who continue to enhance our rigorous academic program in a nurturing Islamic atmosphere in order to groom the educated, confident and enlightened Muslim leaders of tomorrow.

Huda School has seen the benefits of the IB system in the classroom in enhancing students’ understanding of various concepts and the connections between them. The Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies Department has been working hard to not only increase students’ knowledge of these subjects, but also help them reflect these teachings in their actions and character.

 The school’s focus on fostering positive behavior and developing strong Islamic character are evident and sets us apart from other educational institutions. Our students continue to organize and participate in community outreach projects, serving both Muslim and non-Muslim communities reinforcing the spirit of giving back.

The Huda Board of Trustees has the privilege of serving the needs of Huda School. It is our obligation to ensure that our students get the best environment to grow academically as well as spiritually. The future of Huda is bright and we pray that our children continue to excel at Huda and go on to become outstanding citizens and ambassadors of our community.


Huda School Board of Trustees

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