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Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies (QAIS)

Huda School’s Islamic Education Program encompasses the study of the Holy Quran, Arabic Linguistics, and Islamic Studies. Our IE Program is based on a holistic approach focusing on the scope and sequence that will promote the whole development of the child in Islamic way.

The Islamic Education Program is developed around the following themes: Aqeedah, Ibadaat, Seerah and Tarbiyah. Our Quranic Studies Program is focused on recitation, memorization and Interpretation of the Holy Quran. Students learn the complete rules of Tajweed and will have the last four Juz’s of the Holy Quran memorized by 8th Grade. The Islamic Studies Program provides students with the historical perspective and practical insights on being a Muslim citizen in this world.

The Arabic Linguistics Program is designed to help students learn the language of the Quran through direct instruction in grammar, vocabulary and comprehension through written and oral communication.

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