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High School Program

The high school continues to implement the Middle Years Program (MYP) up until 10th grade. In tenth grade, students work on their Personal Projects for the IB curriculum and prepare for their final presentations. 


The MYP Curriculum Includes:

MYP Concept in eight subject areas: Language Arts, Arabic, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Fine Arts and Technology.  In addition, we continue to teach Quran and Islamic Studies as part of our integral hallmark curriculum.


Fundamental Concepts of the MYP


The Concepts that organize and shape the MYP consist of:

  • Establishing a caring community of students who are responsible individuals.

  • Encouraging a Global Awareness to promote internationally well-rounded citizens.

  • Fostering Communication skills in different forms of expression.

  • Providing Interdisciplinary holistic approach to learning to help student make real-life connections.

InshaAllah by 2025, we will have our first graduating High School class at Huda Upper School.

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