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High School Program

Welcome to our high school program, where we provide an exceptional and unique educational experience, fostering growth in various aspects of a student's life. Our program encompasses the internationally renowned International Baccalaureate (IB) program until sophomore year, college readiness courses, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, dual enrollment, an Islamic education and a supportive competitive atmosphere. 


With the IB program, our students gain a well-rounded education that emphasizes critical thinking, global perspectives, and holistic development. IB curriculum encourages students to explore subjects comprehensively, develop research skills, and engage in meaningful community service. It also promotes cultural awareness and intercultural understanding, nurturing socially responsible individuals.


Additionally, our college readiness courses equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in higher education. Through college counseling and preparation, we strive to ensure students are fully prepared for the academic rigors of university life, empowering them to achieve their academic aspirations.


We also offer a range of AP classes, which have been designed to provide college-level coursework throughout their high school journey. This allows students to earn college credits, gaining an advantage for their future academic endeavors. These rigorous courses encourage critical thinking, independent research, and analytical skills, preparing students for the challenges of higher education and beyond.


Additionally, we offer the opportunity of dual enrollment for juniors and seniors, allowing our students to take college-level courses while still in high school. Dual enrollment provides a unique chance for students to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously, giving them a head start in their higher education journey. By participating in dual enrollment, students can experience the rigor and expectations of college coursework, preparing them for the challenges of university life and further accelerating their academic growth.


Through our dual enrollment program, students can choose from a wide range of courses offered by partnering colleges and universities. This program not only enhances students' academic abilities but also provides them with a taste of the college experience, helping them transition smoothly into higher education with confidence and readiness.


Furthermore, our program thrives in a competitive atmosphere that fosters personal growth and development. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves academically, inspire and support one another, and engage in healthy competition that benefits their overall growth. This environment encourages students to reach their full potential, both intellectually and socially.


In addition to our rigorous academic programs, we take pride in being an Islamic school that upholds Islamic values and principles. Our educational environment is rooted in the teachings of Islam, promoting character development, moral conduct, and spiritual growth.


At our school, we strive to create a nurturing atmosphere that fosters a deep understanding of Islamic beliefs and practices. We integrate Islamic teachings into our curriculum and provide opportunities for students to engage in various Islamic activities, such as Quranic studies, Islamic history, and Arabic language classes.


Moreover, we emphasize the importance of embodying Islamic values in daily life, encouraging students to demonstrate compassion, respect, honesty, and integrity in all their daily interactions. We aim to instill a strong sense of ethics, social responsibility, and community service, so that our students become active participants in positively impacting society.


Through the fusion of a robust academic program and an Islamic ethos, we seek to develop well-rounded individuals who are not only academically capable but also grounded in their faith and committed to the values of Islam. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment where students can flourish intellectually, spiritually, and socially while upholding the principles of Islam.


At our high school, we believe in nurturing students, not only academically, but also socially and spiritually. We acknowledge the importance of holistic development and strive to create an environment where students can thrive in all aspects of their lives. By fostering a sense of community and providing various opportunities for personal growth, we aim to shape individuals who are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Join our high school program, and embark on a transformative educational journey that will pave the way for a successful future!

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