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Students at Huda School can get involved in a variety of sport opportunities which focus on skill development, teamwork and good sportsmanship.


In 2nd-5th grade, students can participate in an after school intramural Sports Club. This club is a big hit with the younger students as they compete in friendly tournament-style play.


In Middle School, students will have the chance to be a part of our school teams in the following sports: Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer and Volleyball. The school community is very proud and supportive of all of our teams as they compete in the United League.


The Jump Rope Demo Team is comprised of a collection of very hard-working 4th and 5th graders. This team performs for both for the school and the community, displaying group and individual jump rope skills.


In High School, students have the opportunity to be part of Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball sport teams. Clubs include Drama Club, Podcast Club, Cooking Club, etc.  







Community Service

Community service is a cornerstone to Huda School student and faculty life. Community service projects are planned and implemented to help students develop the capacity for empathy, acceptance, and grace. These projects are embedded in the school curricula and in extracurricular activities. 

Student Clubs

Throughout the year, after-school clubs are held pertaining to students' interests. Past clubs include Video Games, Gardening, Art, Astronomy, Sports, Coding, Chess, and much more. Each year, the clubs vary to accommodate student and parent interest. 

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